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Business litigation, breach of contracts, breach of business agreements, shareholder partner disputes, account collection, judgment collection, debt defense lawsuits, general business litigation, real estate and property disputes, tax matters, employment conflicts, trade secrets and misappropriation, constitutional and individual liberty rights, and other civil litigation; government disputes and litigation with city state federal, municipal citation defense, public records requests, denials, violations and enforcement, protecting your individual liberties and our constitutional rights, civil rights, lawsuit defense, writs of prohibition when actions exceed limited government authority, real estate litigation and property disputes, real estate sales litigation, real estate agent negligence and misconduct, landlord tenant cases, evictions, municipal conflicts, partition actions, foreclosure loan workouts, easement and land disputes, tax litigation and civil litigation and civil appeal cases in wisconsin, sheboygan, milwaukee, plymouth, elkhart lake, ozaukee county, grafton, port washington, cedarburg, mequon, milwaukee county, milwaukee, manitowoc county, manitowoc, fond du lac county, fond du lac, washington county, west bend.  

​​​​Candor. Experience. Creative Solutions. 

I fight for my clients in their pursuit of justice and the protection of their rights.

Make no mistake, it’s a fight. People disagree on the definition of rights, they disagree on what is justice. In the civil litigation world, justice and rights are usually equated with money, and no one pays it, or receives it, easily. If you seek justice for a cause, it’s not any easier. You will need to be prepared for the often long legal battle ahead, and you will need a good lawyer. 

Beyond the experience, beyond the awards, and beyond the results all lawyers seem to claim, the “secret sauce” of success with my office is time and spine. It takes time for you to be heard, time for me to listen, and time to fully and properly prepare your case. If I accept your case, we will work together-you won't just be handed off to someone else. Your case will get all the time, skill, and attention it needs, and you deserve.

It takes a spine to charge forward. I understand you would likely rather not be a client. It means you have been wronged, owe or are owed money. It means you have been injured, are in a dispute, or your rights have been infringed upon. It's a fight, and I’ve got your back. I’ve been through it before, and I can help you.

​I represent clients throughout the State of Wisconsin, in all Courts. If you have a case, or you need legal help, just call my office 920-457-5703 or use the Contact Form on this site, tell me how I can help, and lets get started. 

​​​Thank you, and I look forward to being your lawyer.