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How Can I Help?


Experienced. Trusted. Award-Winning. 
Providing Experienced, Trusted, and Accessible Counsel to Businesses & Individuals.   

Clients value my candor, creativity, solutions, and over a decade and a half of experience. 

Business litigation, government conflicts, real estate and property disputes, tax matters, employment conflicts, constitutional and individual liberty rights, and other civil litigation, trial, or appeal cases. For areas of representation see the Legal Services Page

I am thankful clients have asked for my help, and I invite you to do the same. If you have a case, call my office @ 920-457-5703 or send an inquiry via the contact form on this site and tell me your story. Large case, small case, it doesn't matter, if you need help- I'm here.    

Thank you, and I look forward to being your lawyer. 

Attorney Jason E. Dierkes

Dierkes Law Office, LLC - Attorney Jason E. Dierkes